Thanks for your interest in joining our research group!  See below for more information.

Undergraduate students

If you are interested in getting hands-on research experience, you’ve come to the right place!  We often have opportunities to get involved in research in plant ecology and evolution, from assisting with ongoing research projects to conducting independent research.   We supervise students with a broad range of experience, from new students dipping their toes into research to those that have been fully immersed.

We typically post opportunities for undergraduate researchers on the spreadsheet found at this website, which is also a good resource for finding opportunities across campus.  Even if you don’t see a posting there and are interested in getting involved, email us with a brief description of your research interests, why you would like to get involved, and any relevant courses or work experience you may have.

Graduate students

If you are interested in pursuing a graduate research and acquiring a broad training in ecology and evolution as you do so, please contact Jenny (PI) and describe: 1) your academic background and work experience, 2) your motivation for pursuing graduate school and the degree you are interested in (i.e. PhD or MSc), 3) your research interests, and 4) why you want to work with us.   Prospective students that are independent, creative, and collaborative are particularly encouraged to get in touch.

Note that the application process at UC Davis is different from many schools.   Here, students do not apply directly to a department, but instead apply to graduate programs that span several departments. I accept graduate students through the Ecology and Population Biology graduate groups.  The program that is best for you will depend on your interests, so please look into those options (and related coursework) and contact Jenny if you have questions.

If you would like more general information about graduate school and navigating graduate applications and admissions, check out these resources from the Ecology & Evolution Graduate School Preview Program.

Update for 2024-2025 admissions:  We do not currently have funded positions for graduate students for the next admissions cycle.  However, we would be willing to sponsor applications for fellowships or funding opportunities for motivated students, so contact Jenny about developing proposals.


If you are a prospective postdoc interested in our research, please email Jenny (PI) to discuss research interests and opportunities to apply for fellowships and grants.  You may also want to check out the Center for Population Biology’s Postdoctoral Fellowships and contact Jenny about sponsoring an application.